Our Results

We work hard to generate results for our clients. Here are some of our successes.

How we generated $6M worth of leads for this EV Company

We implemented a  3-step funnel on social media to reach local communities and promote Electric Vehicles, bringing the audience from awareness to  lead generation

+1,000% Post Reach

+50% Followers

-80% Cost Per Lead

+30% Traffic

How we used Social Media platforms as a catalyst to launch a new EV dealership

We launched a national campaign designed to build awareness of the brand and identify the audiences most likely to purchase EV motorcycle. We then focused on lead generation to book tesat rides and submit expressions of interest.

14,000 Visitors


Lowest Cost Per Lead

103 leads in first 3 months

Generating leads for the most advanced solar quote algorithm

We used Facebook and Google Ads as our main channels to generate leads. We identified clear audiences and adjusted our messaging to each of them, focusing on specific benefits.

-40% Cost Per Click

-54% CPM

+350% Leads

+73% Conversion rate

Promoting the Largest Australian Climate Conference of the year

We used a mix of Social Media and Outreach campaigns to generate awareness and sell tickets to the largest Climate event in Australia. Audience included ESG and sustainability professionals in Australia. The main channels used were LinkedIn, Facebook and Email marketing.

3,000 High Profile Professionals

+ 7,500 Visitors

300 LinkedIn Contacts Made

1,200 Attendees

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How we generated cheap leads for this Sculpture School

We used a mix of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach the audience of this school. Within a very localised area, we managed to reach out to an audience of artists, make them aware of the services offered by the school and male them submit an enquiry.

$4 Cost Per Conversion

15,000 People Reached

+1,200% Leads

65 Leads In First 2 Months

Generating $8 leads for this well-known Electrical Training School 

We used Google Ads to generate consistent leads for the various training programs offered across the country. Google Ads is now their second source of leads. This predictable and scalable source of leads helps this company ensure that all their training programs are always fully booked.

+58% Interactions

-30% Avg Cost Per Click

-45% Cost Per Lead

+28% Conversion Rate

How we helped this Childcare brand develop and open 5 more centres

We used Google Ads and Facebook Ads to develop the brand image and generate leads in key locations.  Google Ads has become their main source of leads. With this predictable lead generation system that can easily be replicated in other locations, this brand found the confidence to open additional centres. 

+590% Interactions

+42% Leads

-23% Cost Per Lead

+182% Conversion Rate

Creating a new source of leads for this global Construction company

We used Google Ads to develop a new source of leads after this global construction company changed their website's domain. It generated so many leads that it became their main source of leads within 6 months.

+165% Clicks

-63% Avg Cost Per Click

-79% Cost Per Lead

+375% Leads

How we helped this Lawyer find a sustainable source of leads 

We used Google Ads to advertise this lawyer's services. As a traffic law specialist, her services were directed to a very niche audience. Google Ads now helps her scale her business and bring a new lawyer on board.

+50% Clicks

+23% Clicks Through Rate

-23% Cost Per Lead

+92% Leads

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